3 things you might not know about ring cleaning and repair

3 things you might not know about ring cleaning and repair

We’re joined once more by The Jewellery Sisters: Born and raised in Ottawa, Stephanie and Lindsay Appotive are second-generation co-owners of Howard Fine Jewellers and its sister store, True Bijoux. The Jewellery Sisters are here for a second time to help provide expert tips on anything you’ve ever wondered about jewellery repairs, heirloom restoration and more. Here they answer some of your questions about rings.

Opals are known to be fragile. How do you clean a ring setting that has an opal in it?

Opal is one of the most delicate gemstones and needs to be handled with extra care. We recommend wiping it regularly with a soft, clean, dry cloth. Otherwise, bring it to your trusted local jeweller to get it checked and cleaned professionally.

What does re-tipping a ring mean?

Just like the tires on your car, the tips of the prongs that hold your stones in place wear down over time. In order to make sure that the stones stay secure, it’s important to have your prongs checked and rebuilt or re-tipped (literally adding a tip back onto them) with more metal.

What’s the difference between re-tipping and tightening stones on a ring?

Re-tipping requires the addition of metal to the prongs that hold your stone securely in your ring, whereas stone tightening is simply moving the existing prongs to hold the stone better. Some stones may need both depending on the state of the piece, while some may only need one or the other. Both options are perfectly safe and sometimes required if a ring gets a lot of wear.

Have a question about jewellery repair? Send them to Stephanie and Lindsay at info@howard.ca.