Q&A: The Man Behind The Merit

Q&A: The Man Behind The Merit

Since visiting The Merit last week at 108 Lisgar Street, I’ve been dreaming of its rooftop terrace. With spectacular views of the green roof atop City Hall, the Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill, the National Arts Centre, The National Art Gallery, and the Gatineau Hills beyond, the space is perfect for reading the paper in the morning, sipping a glass of wine after work, or enjoying a sunset barbecue in the evening.

This rooftop terrace that crowns The Merit’s 75-unit majestic art deco building is where I spoke to Doug Casey of Charlesfort Developments about the condominium’s architectural design, the luxuries of this unique location, and why The Merit continues to be an attractive choice.

Art deco design was chosen for The Merit’s exterior for a classic look that stays timeless.

Why did Charlesfort Developments choose the art deco style for the building’s exterior?

Deco is contemporary, yet art deco buildings also feel timeless. You don’t want to create a building that ends up feeling dated. Deco is just a classic.

I understand there is only one unit (The Fraser, unit 402) left. Why do you think the Merit is selling quickly in a market others find slow?

I think the building speaks for itself. Inside, it doesn’t feel like an apartment, it feels like a spacious open concept house, and I think what people are finding is they like the attention to detail, the flowing floor plan, and the quality of finishing.


With enough space to fit a baby grand comfortably, the inside of unit 402 doesn’t feel like an apartment, it feels like a home.

For such a grand building in the city’s centre, it seems hidden. How would you describe the location of The Merit?

Lisgar is a very quiet street. It’s nice because City Hall has a green roof and a large green space in front of the building that we get to kind of borrow being across the street. Plus, it’s a short walk to Nordstrom and Simons. You just walk through City Hall, across Confederation Park, and up the stairs.

These spacious rooftop terraces are beautiful. Does it get windy up here?

You will notice the 7-foot high “hockey” glass around the perimeter of the terraces. The glass cuts the wind.

Who do you find is moving in? Empty nesters? Young professionals?

It’s a mix. It’s not necessarily people who are downsizing. It’s really about lifestyle and whether you value your time. Being able to walk to activities, work, restaurants, shops, concerts, and festivals rather than spending all that time commuting in your car. It’s about being able to just walk home.

To see a video tour of the only remaining unit for sale, view the floor plan and other details of The Merit, and to book an appointment visit The Merit’s website.