For the nail lovers – #ManiMonday spring edition
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For the nail lovers – #ManiMonday spring edition

Who’s looking forward to revealing their once mitten-covered fingers and boot-guarded toes? We caught up with Natalie Esau, owner of The Upkeep Shoppe on Preston, for tips on getting our fingers, toes, and skin ready for the new season.

“We all suffer from dry nails in the colder months,” said Esau. “With spring right around the corner, start treating your cuticles with cuticle oil.” It will bring your digits back to their pre-winter condition, and help keep shellac manicures looking tip-top, too.

“Our nails expand and contract with moisture, allowing your shellac to start lifting faster if you do not keep your nails moist.  An easy trick when applying cuticle oil is to place a tiny drop of the oil underneath the nail as well as around the cuticle, rub it in gently, and refrain from hand-washing for at least an hour afterwards.”

Which product does The Upkeep Shoppe use (and sell)? A tea-based treatment full of antioxidants and moisture. “Our oil is mineral-oil-free and contains rice bran, which is a dry oil that hydrates and treats as it absorbs – and it does not leave the skin greasy.”

tea oil
The Upkeep Shoppe’s totally purse-portable cuticle oil for shellac and nail touch-ups

“For your first spring pedi, go bright and vibrant. There really is no limit to having fun with the toes. Corals, neons – one of our personal faves is Pool Party by China Glaze. Gets you in the mood to sit by the pool with a cocktail.”

pool party
Fun colours for your first spring mani/pedi – on the left is China Glaze “Pool Party”, a fave at The Shoppe

And for your fingers?
Solid white, soft light pinks, any pastel, peach, bronze, taupe, and peacock blue are the picks for the season.

white mani pedi
White is one of the nail trends this spring

“Just as we change our wardrobes with the seasons, we must remember to do the same with our skin care,” Esau explains. “The Canadian winter climate pulls the moisture right out of the skin, so adding rich creams into your routine for the colder months are a must. Now, with the warmer weather, we want to consider oil-free formulas or gel cleansers.” Esau recommends products that allow your natural oils to come through and don’t leave you with oily residue or, worse, breakouts.

clay mask
The Upkeep Shoppe’s clay mask treatment helps bring your skin’s natural moisture out while keeping breakouts at bay

A few final tips
“Add a clay mask to your routine. Clay is full of minerals and nutrients to give your skin an instant glow. Always exfoliate before you mask! Also, SPF is a must all year round, but with more skin being exposed, apply all over face and body. On a daily basis, SPF 15 is enough. If you are spending any extended amount of time outside consider an SPF 30. The Upkeep Shoppe recommends B.Kamins Sun Defense SPF 30 for its light texture, fragrance free formula.”

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