GREEN DESIGN: Teresa Hanna from Live Architecture dishes on her favourite products

Photo by Rémi Thériault

This article, which appeared in the September edition of Ottawa Magazine, was written by Urban Hippie blogger Jen Lahey, whose blog is published every second Tuesday at Follow Jen on Twitter ‏@Jen_Lahey.

Teresa Hanna is an architect intern who’s completing the process for licensure in November. She’s always had a passion for the natural world: growing up surrounded by the splendour of rural Ontario on the Bruce Peninsula ingrained in her a respect for what Mother Nature has to offer. Later, when travelling in Europe, Hanna was inspired not just by the architecture she encountered but by the philosophy of, and appreciation for, creating buildings that are durable, sustainable, and beautiful — and valued for generations.

She relishes the idea of her clients living an experience through what she creates and often asks them to describe a poignant space that they love. She helps them conceptualize exactly what it is about that special place that moves them, and from there, the design process begins. One of the first architects in Ottawa to become a LEED accredited professional, Hanna now runs Live Architecture with her husband, architect Laszlo Mohacsi.

When she’s not actively designing, Hanna also serves as executive director of the Ottawa chapter of the Canada Green Building Council, and she says she enjoys educating and informing her peers about green building practices. She recently bulked up her credentials by completing Certified Passive House Consultant training.