Most Wanted: The Cargo Bike

Most Wanted: The Cargo Bike

This article was originally published in the Summer 2015 print edition of
Ottawa Magazine

For Lana Stewart, a.k.a. Modal Mom, the choice to buy a cargo bike was a no-brainer: it’s the family vehicle.

The Babboe allows her to chat with her six-year-old son, Alden Harrison, about their next stop, that new park, and all the things they pass by. In addition, it holds a lot of pool toys, soccer balls, and groceries.

Sure to bring a smile to kids and passersby alike, cargo bikes are increasingly common in Ottawa. Most come from Europe and are custom-ordered through local bike shops (long and hefty, with a price tag to match, they’re not the kind of thing you pick up on a whim). From $2,600.

Available through Tall Tree Cyles, 1318 Wellington St. W., 613-725-2453, and Foster’s, 305 Bank St., 613-236-9611.