Getting glam and your gifts in one go
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Getting glam and your gifts in one go

Despite the lack of snow, you likely have one (or two, or three) Christmas parties creeping up closer on your calendar. You also realize that Christmas itself is but three short weeks away. You begin scrawling gift and to-do lists on whatever scraps of paper are about and planning where you’ll get your party dress (great, inexpensive, big brand options available here), convince your sweetie to get a new dinner jacket, get your hair and makeup done, and buy gifts somewhere in between. We have a solution. For at least a few things, anyway.

Many of the mall beauty counters offer some sort of “buy two items, get a makeover for free” deal. In Nordstrom, for instance, on a recent visit to Shiseido, I was told that with the purchase of two items, you will receive a full makeover – foundation to lipstick. Have a girlfriend (or guy friend, we don’t judge) that would appreciate some new product in their stocking? Get their gift, get your makeover, get to your party feeling a little less weighted.

The Bay attached to the Rideau Centre is undergoing major (and much needed to compete with beautiful Nordstrom) renos and their beauty section has recently opened. It’s certainly a place you’d be willing to spend some time, buy some gifts, and get your glam on.

The new Shoppers Drug Mart BeautyBOUTIQUE on the bottom floor of the Rideau Centre has replaced the old, more seasoned one. You can receive a makeover here free at any time. And the new store features prestige brands such as Chanel and Dior, making it a great place to get mom her signature scent (my mother will wear nothing but Chanel No 5).

And these aren’t your only options – check out the Bay in Bayshore, Sears in Carlingwood mall, and anywhere else where there are open blush tins and lipstick tubes ready to try. The season may be on the verge of stressful, but combining activities whenever you can will make it a little less so. And have some fun while you’re at it! Haven’t figured out how to get the beau into a new blazer, though.