GUEST POST: D e g a i n e brings winter style inspiration from London, Barcelona
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GUEST POST: D e g a i n e brings winter style inspiration from London, Barcelona

This week, Shop Talk welcomes guest blogger Farah Ragheb, aka D e g a i n e, who shares images and style advice from her jet-setting life.

Last year I left O-town behind and moved to Spain to indulge in the carefree life of the Mediterranean. (More than anything I was looking forward to enjoying a different way of life — one that didn’t include a brutal winter!) After a year of living in Barcelona and travelling across Europe (especially London), my eyes were opened to the different looks that thrived in various world class cities. I saw how the atmosphere of a city reflects the style of its residents. Plus, having seen nothing but Canadian winters, I was interested to see how other cultures dressed for the colder season.

Guest blogger Farah Ragheb interprets Barcelona style with a sweater from Aritzia, and Forever 21 shorts. Belt and tank from Urban Outfitters. Boots from Barcelona Boutique.

Barcelona has a beach city vibe, one that was both vibrant and laid-back. The style on the streets always reflected this feeling: basically a mix of rocker chic and cool, casual comfort. Studded boots, oversized knits, denims, layers of different pieces, leather jackets, harem pants, and vibrant hints of color were all regulars in BCN. I used what I saw on the streets of Barcelona as inspiration to create a look that incorporated this style and my personality.

London on the other hand, had a whole different vibe. To sit by and people-watch was interesting because so many styles are so authentic and different. Given this vibrant variety, it only makes sense that London has recently been named the fashion capital of the world (over longstanding New York City).

In London, it seems you can wear whatever you want, pull whatever style you wish, and never feel out of place.  Looks vary from vintage to indie to rocker — plus all of the above mixed together.  Fur coats, patterned tights, platforms, leather pieces, and red lipstick were always on the scene.  The best inspirations I took from London were the fur, the platforms, and the art of adding a hint of originality to every look.

And most of the pieces shown here can be found in Ottawa stores, so if you aren’t able to jet-set to Europe this winter, you can at least rock these styles!

Farah looks out over central London in an American Apparel dress and knee high socks from Urban Outfitters.

Read more about Farah’s stylish adventures in her blog, D e g a i n e.