OLYMPIC FEVER: Getting patriotic with Lacoste Flag Polos
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OLYMPIC FEVER: Getting patriotic with Lacoste Flag Polos

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

The Canadian shirt features that famous alligator sporting a red maple leaf — a nice, subtle wink  of support for the home team competing at London this summer. And compared with the barrage of red-and-white seen every year on July 1, it’s positively refined.

Then again, if you’re one of those loud sports fans who wants everyone to know who you’re rooting for, there are a few styles that scream (Canada! Brazil! Japan!).

We’re talking about the limited edition Lacoste polo shirts launched to celebrate the 2012 Olympics. Preppy and bright, they’re the perfect thing to wear to the opening ceremonies, the big match, and for years after.

Can’t afford a ticket to London? (Even if you could, who wants to deal with those crowds?) Mark the Games of the XXX Olympiad with a stylish new polo with the flag of your choice.

Full colour options include Brazil, Italy, Great Britain, United States, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, and Spain ($195 each). The Lacoste gator wears the flag for Switzerland, Germany, and South Africa, among others ($150 each).

There’s even a United Nations design for those who can’t make up their mind (or just don’t want to offend any superfans at the bar), featuring a selection of flags from around the world ($250). Games getting slow? Play name that flag.