Ottawa springs ahead with Erica Wark’s Revive Your Style
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Ottawa springs ahead with Erica Wark’s Revive Your Style

Ladies who attended Sunday’s Revive Your Style 2016, which supports Bust a Move for Breast Health — a community fundraiser celebrating positive advancements for breast health, likely went through their wardrobes this morning with a renewed sense of energy and hope.

Hundreds of women (260, to be exact) descended upon Sala San Marco for the event, which featured hair and beauty tips and tricks from Fiorella Di Nardo of Rinaldo Hair Designers and Spa and Melody Iafelice — makeup queen supreme — while stylist Erica Wark presented the main event: spring and summer trends seen for the first time anywhere in North America. And, amidst all the fun and fashion, Revive Your Style raised $27,000 for breast health.

Nordstrom and Thyme & Again teamed up to create a themed cookie

It was warm enough for all sorts of outfits — bare legs, shorter hemlines, sleeveless. Pops of colour punctuated the room, but most women still wore darker winter hues (I, too, felt caught between the spring event and snow outside, changing from a dark outfit to a light one, and finally settling with a middle blue).

CTV’s The Social, Melissa Grelo

Laugher, chatter, and sparkling wine filled the room. Co-host, Melissa Grelo of CTV’s The Social welcomed the group and prepared us for the first presentation given by Di Nardo. Some of the hair tips I learned:

– If you are going to go with an interesting hair colour (which she has been seeing more of), stick with a classic do, such as a simple wave

– Dry shampoo is not just for oily hair, it’s a great styling agent, too

– Don’t work at a hair style for too long, it’s almost better to do it once and walk away — it turns out the best that way

– The secret to a good top knot is to draw the hair back, in line with the eyebrows and pull into a tight ponytail. Then wrap the ponytail around, creating the knot, pinning the loose end first, then another bobby pin straight through the knot, and any additional pins needed to keep everything in place, then spritz with hair spray to finish

Throne photography ‘s Brittany Gawley catching a shot

Iafelice was up next with tricks that were actually applicable for everyday wear:

– “Blend, blend, blend.” Always blend

– Use BB cream or foundation to start, then go with a matte bronzer rather than glossy — glossy can make you look orange, like an Oompa Loompa

– Always use a little bit of what you’re applying, it’s easier to add more than to take off

– It’s okay to use your fingers sometimes

– Layer mascara to your heart’s content

– To lessen the appearance of dark circles, apply a corrector to the under-eye area, but don’t apply any other makeup around that area as it would draw more attention. Stick to your top lid and above your eye

– Use natural lighting to apply makeup whenever possible, or get white light/daylight bulbs for the mirror you use to apply makeup — it will give you the best perspective

– If you feel like your cheeks need a bit of a lift, add sheen to your cheekbones

– Stila eyeliner with a felt tip is the holy grail of eyeliner

Then, Wark took the stage, going over five trends to look for this coming season. It was refreshing to hear affordable prices and name brands that are easily accessible such as Banana Republic, Winners, Zara, Kate Spade, and H&M.

Trend #1 – Bold prints and colours



Trend #2 – Oxford shirt redux


Trend #3 – Streetwear (incl. making sweatpants publicly appropriate, the model below is sporting a pair)


Trend #4 – ’70s


Trend #5 – The romantic




Now, let’s hope the groundhog does not see his shadow on Tuesday so we can get into these clothes ASAP.