SHOP TALK: Bark & Fitz
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Bark & Fitz

Photo by Angela Gordon

This specialty dog store carries virtually everything chic and canine-related. Following their ‘fitzosophy,’ all their pet food is organic, and they only sell products that do not contain wheat, corn, soy, by-products, BHA, or other nasty-sounding chemicals. In addition to their impressive treat inventory from around the world, Bark & Fitz sells its own line of goodies, packaged in nifty (and refillable) milk bottles and paint cans. A highlight at Bark & Fitz is the in-store bakery, where you’ll a brightly-lit display case filled with cute posh treats for your dog. Each specialty treat is made by hand. To make Fido’s visit completely pampered, the store also features a full-service grooming salon.

The Look: Holt Renfrew meets Bridgehead, for dogs
Perfect for: the customer willing to spend a little more to get great quality products for their beloved pooch. And Elle Woods.
USP: a gorgeous displays. How do they make leashes look so desirable?
354 Richmond Rd.;