Shop Talk: Bra Chic
Shop Talk

Shop Talk: Bra Chic

Let’s face it: bra shopping is no fun. From the wretched trips with mother to the chaos of sorting through (mis) labeled boxes, it seems most women find this aspect of their wardrobe the least enjoyable. Luckily, shops like Bra Chic are around to save the day, with a wide range of sizes and expert staff on hand. And this summer, there’s a new reason to stop in the pretty boutique: Thigh Society underwear. This new product replaces underwear and Spanx, and is made with a soft, breathable blend of rayon (from bamboo and cotton) and spandex to ease “inner thigh rub” — you know, that nasty condition brought on by chafing and sweat!

(Photography: Angela Gordon)

The look: Rich colours and pretty pieces.

The labels: Marlies Dekkers, Prima Donna, Fauve, Empreinte, and Lise Charmel.

Perfect for: Completing an outfit to perfection. Be it a wedding dress or a vintage sweater, the right bra counts.

USP: Attentive service and specialized products. (Not to mention that sex-kitten feeling you get when shopping at a real lingerie shop.)

433 Richmond Rd.,