Shop Talk: Brio Bodywear
Shop Talk

Shop Talk: Brio Bodywear

(Photography: Angela Gordon)

It’s bathing suit season again and if you cringe at the thought of shopping for swimwear, or just avoid it altogether, you should know about Brio. The staff is dedicated to understanding what different women need to look good in a bathing suit — and with all the elegant one-piece styles in fashion this year, there’s no excuse for missing another pool party.

The look: Upscale (imagine lounging on a deck chair and calling for a cabana boy)

The labels: Haverhill, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Nautica

Perfect for: long afternoons by the pool, cottage weekends

USP: Since the entire store is dedicated to swimwear, bras, and dancewear, you won’t be asked to fit into ridiculous S/M/L sizes.

911 Bank St., 613-567-9291; 380 Richmond Rd., 613-721-1585