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SHOP TALK: Carolynn Lacasse brings Courage to Viens Avec Moi

Shop Talk is written by OM editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven. 

Photo by Zac Pantelone of Corpo Collective
Photo by Zac Pantelone of Corpo Collective

This time of year, SHOP TALK gets a lot of invites. I shouldn’t complain — actually, I wish we could attend more launches, trunk sales, and Christmas parties. But in addition to all the holiday merry-making, this is also an incredibly busy time at the office as we head to press with our annual Interiors issue.

Still, all work and no play make Dayanti + Sarah dull girls, and so we keep our eyes peeled for special events that combine fundraising with socializing, shopping with scene-covering. And when stylish scenester Carolynn Lacasse reached out to us about her Courage Brand launch on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at Viens Avec Moi, we decided to get to know this new project — and attend the party tomorrow!

In talking with Carolyn, we learned that, from the start the Viens Avec Moi ladies have been super-supportive of her bracelet initiative, which raises money for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. For years Carolynn has been working with this great organization, and has had friends and family use their services. Plus, she was keen to keep the money in Ottawa and felt it represented the mental and physical bravery that her line is all about.

We also learned that she sold out in her first year with the brand, and that because the materials and printing costs are donated, 100 percent of the proceeds go the the ORCF.

Photo by Zac Pantelone of Corpo Collective
Photo by Zac Pantelone of Corpo Collective

For her second year, Carolynn has developed a new line of bracelets that stay true to her original version: they’re still unisex, minimalist, and stackable, with one simple washer that allows them to be adjusted for size and acts as a little token for when you need a boost of courage.

And to celebrate the second year with Courage, Carolynn and VAM sylist Renee Morra will be giving away a “closet refresh” consultation for someone who has been affected by cancer. Vote here by December 17 for your chance to win!

 Visit Viens Avec Moi on Tuesday, Dec. 10 to check out the line — and shop, socialize, et cetera.