SHOP TALK: Guest blogger Dee Campbell divulges her secrets on managing curly hair
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SHOP TALK: Guest blogger Dee Campbell divulges her secrets on managing curly hair

Guest blogger Dee Campbell looking lovely on her wedding day this summer. Years of research, not to mention a few blunt pyramids and earmuff-style cuts, went into the creation of this breezy look. Ron Parker Photography

This week, SHOP TALK welcomes guest blogger Dee Campbell, SJM account exec and expert on curly-hair care.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that women stop to comment on my hair or request a product recommendation — at least, oh, twice a year.  Until age 10, I had ‘fuzzy’ hair because my wavy-haired mother thought that the way to style curly hair was to … wait for it … brush it.  O. M. G.  As a teen in the ’80s, I was able to sport uber-fly bangs thanks to a portable butane iron.  In university, I studied (among other things) how to work with my curls. Now I’m happy to share my tips, to save fellow Curly-Haired comrades years of anguish.

And lest you think we’re only talking to Curly-Haired women, check out this post with styles for curly-haired men.  Even Troy Polamalu of the Steelers has such a fabulous head of hair, it warranted a million dollar insurance policy. (Note to self, call insurer.)

When it comes to styling advice, some people suggest or recommend. But when it comes to hair, I vehemently insist:

1) Do not book a stylist just because said stylist says s/he is good at cutting curly hair; only trust one recommended by a Curly-Haired whose style you like (and who loves his/her stylist). Ignore this advice, and you will deserve the blunt pyramid, the earmuffs, the frizz, and the good-ship-lollipop curls. Ouidad, aka the Queen of Curl, who patented the carving and slicing method, has saved thousands of locks worldwide. (As Ouidad says, “if your hairdresser mentions layering, texturizing, or thinning, you should run, and fast!”).
2) Always use salon products. My preference is Ouidad (and no I’m not getting kickbacks). I *heart* Ouidad products.  Salon products have less alcohol, which dries out curly hair  — which is naturally dry.
3) High- and low-lighting gives depth so you don’t have a mass of blah surrounding your cherubic face.
4) Do not shampoo daily; it’s drying.
5) Moisturize like crazy.

Dee jokes around with her man on the big day. But she's serious when it comes to caring for her locks — Dee vehemently insists on salon products, chooses her stylist carefully, and is careful not to shampoo daily. Ron Parker Photography.

Now onto you: Ouidad has a hair profiler where you discover your hair ‘personality’ via questionnaire and then a listing of which products to buy for your hair type.  Unsure?  Buy a small bottle, fall in love, wonder how you lived without it, regret your cynicism, and then drive back to Toronto, to the only salon in Canada that sells Ouidad.

Post your pics on our Facebook page. I’m happy to offer thoughts — and more from the ‘vehemently insist’ list.