SHOP TALK: Gypsy & Co.
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Gypsy & Co.

Accessories available (at a low, low price!) at Gypsy & Co. Photo by Sarah Fischer.

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

Earlier this year, we blogged about Aunt Olive’s, a cute little café-meets-vintage shop just off Elgin Street. As it turns out, change was in the air at Aunt Olive’s. Now Gypsy & Co. fills the space, and while things haven’t changed drastically, we thought it was worth a visit!

At the helm of Gypsy is Aria Rose Marie, vintage fashionista and clothing ‘upcycler‘ extraordinaire. Previously, Marie sold her pieces through an Etsy store, under the label Ladygirl Designs.

Now, she’s brought these creations to Gypsy & Co. They tend to cost a little more than the other tops, tanks, dresses, and accessories in store, but you can feel the love.

Indeed, the tiny shop seems to emanate feel-good vibes like the apartment of an old, dear friend. You may not be greeted at the door like a sale waiting to happen, you may even be a bit confused about The Record Shaap downstairs or the confessional-sized changeroom, but that comfy, community feeling evens the score.

The Look: Old school, vintage

Perfect for: Finding unique pieces that you know no one else will have — not to mention impulse shopping that won’t break the bank!

USP: Think about your purchase over tea. (This is also an easy way to get a second opinion without asking friends to accompany you on a shopping trip. Just say it’s a coffee date … then slowly make your way across the room …)

209 Gilmour St., 613-565-0564