SHOP TALK: Kate Middleton and the local ParTea
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Kate Middleton and the local ParTea

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Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

With the Royal Wedding just 10 days away, everyone is chatting about the new royal couple. Sure, William gets some flack — and some kudos — for his “humble hairline,” but it’s really Kate that everyone is staring at with wide-eyed expectation. There’s the obvious buzz surrounding Kate’s wedding dress, but we don’t have any secret sources that can connect us with this information. Also, we have our own royal-themed fete later this week: on Thursday, Shop Talk is heading to an elegant fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, where Canada’s fashion queen, Jeanne Beker, will be giving the keynote address! Clearly, we have outfits to plan — but how to get Kate’s look?

On Sarah:
I am really diggin’ Kate’s style. She picks great pieces for her body type and knows how to work it. But — and this is a big but for me — she shys away from colour. This is very hard for me; usually outfits I put together must have a burst of colour, otherwise I feel like something is off. However, when you find that perfect dress that hugs the right curves and accentuates the right places you absolutely feel great (and look like a princess telling the world of her engagement, see left). So when I look in my closet in hopes of getting Kate’s look, I go for my more basic pieces: the little black dresses, the neutral tone cardigans, skirts, and white blouses. After all, these basic pieces are in my wardrobe for a reason: they are a great fit for my body type. I would then add a bright burst of colour with a chunky necklace or a scarf as I unfortunately can’t rock the fascinators like Kate can.

On Dayanti:
It’s not a stretch to say that I enjoy Kate’s look. She’s like that impeccable, athletic, easy-going pal — she exudes a casual confidence, even a tongue-in-cheek humour, about the whole regal thing. Meanwhile, she always looks so tidy, and maintains great posture. Clearly, I’ll be using my sippy cup at high tea (and attending Pilates diligently this week).

Black seems a bit harsh for sweet Catherine Elizabeth. Navy is more appropriate, and I have the perfect shift dress from ca va de soi. It’s sleeveless, though, and I don’t trust the weather these days (sorry, Spring, we tried!). Another option is this grey suit I picked up last year at Tristan (short sleeve blazer, little flare around the skirt), inspired by Kate’s “serious skirt suit” look (left, bottom). Then there’s that navy skirt I found at St. Vincent de Paul — it fits me ridiculously well, and I always feel like I stand a little taller when I’m wearing it, even without heels!

If you’re still confused about the Kate Middleton look, come to the Royal ParTea this Thursday — models will be mixing with the guests and dishing on where to find the garments (all of which are available at St. Laurent Centre). And rumour has it Jeanne Beker comes with clues on the hats to be worn at the much-anticipated nuptials.

See you there!

April 21. 1 – 3 p.m. $250. Canadian Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod St.