SHOP TALK: Ottawa model Amanda Nimmo on jet-setting between castings, making her mark in Europe, and future plans
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Ottawa model Amanda Nimmo on jet-setting between castings, making her mark in Europe, and future plans

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

With Ottawa Fashion Week around the corner, much attention will be paid to designers that work hard to create interesting and inspiring wearable art. Eyes will also be on the models who ensure a runway show is executed without a hitch. And just as OFW is growing to become a prominent event in the fashion industry, so too are Ottawa models rising in the international scene. In the September issue of Ottawa Magazine, we tracked the success of Ottawa’s own supermodel-in-the-making Herieth Paul. Now, we turn our attention to another Ottawa star: Amanda Nimmo, who appears in eight pages of the October issue of LOULOU magazine.

Ottawa model Amanda Nimmo. Photo by Paul Morel. Click on the image for a gallery of photos.

Scouted in Sept 2009 by CoverModels Management in Ottawa, the 18-year-old has recently stepped into the high-paced world of international fashion modeling. With a year of grooming and development with Viresh Pujara, owner of CoverModels Management, major clients began knocking at her door. Amanda handled the attention like a natural — in fact, the ease she displayed at these special bookings meant more success, more campaigns, and the eventual decision to put off university life for a year. Past clients include Garage Clothing, Stone Ridge by Aldo, and Clin D’Oeil.

Now in Paris meeting clients like Balenciaga, Ungaro, CHANEL, Céline, and Jean Paul Gaultier, SHOP TALK talks to the queen of multiple bookings about life as a model.

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable, if I could wear one thing for the rest of my life it would be sweats.

Which fashion houses would you love to model/walk for?
Besides the big names, I’d love to work with more Canadian designers. They really have a lot to offer.

What are your plans for the next year, now that you are done high school?

Amanda Nimmo. Photo by Paul Morel.

I decided to take a year off school to try this out. If I love it, then I’ll stick with it, and if not then I’m planning on studying zoology or wildlife biology.

What’s it like jet-setting through Europe?
I get to visit some of the most beautiful cities, so no doubt I love it. The actual jet-setting part though is super tiring, and can get a bit dull … especially once you’ve seen every movie on the plane!

What’s a typical day for you like?
Right now is the craziest time, with fashion weeks. Once I’m out the door in the morning I’m in back-to-back castings, quite literally running around the city. When I’m all done for the day, I come home and catch up with my parents, bookers, and friends, then start marking all my stops in my map book for the next day.

What do you wear to a casting call?
Depends — for shows a dress and heels, but otherwise just simple like jeans and a nice top.

Have you met any designers or famous models?
Yep, and they’ve all been super nice!

Amanda Nimmo. Photo by Paul Morel.