Shop Talk: Pooch Party!
Shop Talk

Shop Talk: Pooch Party!

We round-up some of the best toys, treats and more from local pet shops for your pampered pet.

Slow feeding bowl. Photo by – Christian Lalonde

Got an excited eater? This slow feeding bowl has ridges and mazes that help dogs eat at a slower pace, which prevents bloat and obesity ($33), Critter Jungle.

No matter the season, keep your best friend hydrated while on the go. This portable water dispenser by Gulpy is spill-proof and fits in most bicycle water cages ($13), Masters’n’Dogs.

Gulpy is a portable water dispenser, available at Masters’n’Dogs. Photo by photoluxstudio – Christian Lalonde

Reward that good dog with Canadian-made, wheat-free, vegan Peanut Butter Banana Biscuits from Northern Biscuits ($10 for 500 g), terra20. Fetch a fishy treat: salmon skin bones ($3 each), Global Pet Foods. Encourage play (but not with your shoes) with the Foobler electronic treat dispenser. This gizmo is a programmable dog toy that lets you choose the time intervals it will refill with treats. It even has a bell that sounds to tell your dog it’s time to play ($36), Pet Circus.

Lucy the Giraffe will stick her neck out for that hound that loves tug-of-war ($13), from Critter Jungle. 

Lucy the Giraffe, available at Critter Jungle. Photo by photoluxstudio – Christian Lalonde

Pups concerned about their environmental paw print will roll over for this Salsa Plush Monster—a plaything made from recycled plastic. ($16) terra20.

Salsa plush monster is made from recycled plastic, available at Terra20. Photo by – Christian Lalonde

Love local? Look for made-in-Ottawa Buddy Bites ($10, Pet Circus), gourmet goods like frozen yogourt Pooch Pops ($4 each), and baked bones (two for $3.50) from online retailer and roving “treat trike” Flying Hound.

Ottawa-made Buddy Bites from Pet Circus, and pooch pups from Flying Hound. Photo by – Christian Lalonde

Ottawa’s Allison Shalla, aka The Pet Chef, offers pet nutrition consulting as well as home-made “HomeoPawthic” pooch products. Try Mellow Doggie ($15), a calming tincture for when thunder rumbles, or paw balm ($14), which protects pads from salt and snow.

Homeopawthic products from Ottawa’s The Pet Chef, Allison Shalla. Photo by – Christian Lalonde

Love the look? Pointer-Labrador Twix is wearing a Bella Bean Couture collar ($39) and matching leash ($49), Masters’n’Dogs.

Bella Bean leash from Masters ‘n Dog. Photo by – Christian Lalonde