SHOP TALK: The Perfect Indulgence for the Socially Conscious Lush
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: The Perfect Indulgence for the Socially Conscious Lush


LUSH Rideau Centre 2 (1)

Good news for Rideau Centre regulars: Lush is branching out and has set up shop in the downtown shopping centre. You’ll know when you’re near — the potent smell of paradise will guide you to their new location at the bottom of the escalator on the second floor, next to Nordstrom. Lush is the perfect “treat yourself” store, and with its socially conscious products, you can feel good about treating yourself to their luxe soaps and bath products.

The British-based chain crossed the Atlantic in 1996, opening their first international store in Vancouver. There are now over 200 shops in North America, and all the products for this side of the pond are made right here in Canada. For years, Ottawa’s Lush was located on William Street in the ByWard Market, but the Rideau Centre’s recent transformation has allowed opportunity for a new shop — and maybe some new clientele too. Here’s a look at some of the qualities that set Lush apart from the rest of the beauty biz:

It’s Local, Naturally

The ingredients for all of Lush’s products come from the grocers and farmer’s markets of the Vancouver and Toronto areas, which are organic, biodegradable, and all natural. They make an effort to limit packaging (which is why the store smells so strongly), and any packaging that does exist is recyclable or compostable.

Fair Play

Lush’s Charity Pot Body Lotion $6.95 – $25.95

Lush is a company that prides itself on its fair trade, environmentally friendly, and ethical operations. Lush openly condemns animal testing and the use of chemicals and parabens, a widely-used preservative that’s been linked to the disruption of hormone functions. Furthermore, Lush works to support local charities. Their Charity Pot body lotion, made from ylang ylang, rosewood oils, and a hydrating cocoa butter, is the perfect antidote to Canada’s dry winters – and 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity. (Understanding the roots of their products might help when deciding to spend a little more.)


Lush has a wide range of high-quality products: from skin care to hair care, to makeup to their famous luxurious bath bombs. But Lush is not just for the ladies – they offer a line of natural and rustic-scented men’s products as well. The Kalamazoo beard and facial wash ($9.95 – $22.95) is a two-in-one stop for the busy bearded man on-the-go.

Personal Touch

Many of Lush’s products have the unique aspect of identifying the creator of each product. Connecting buyers to the hands who have made their product is what makes the Lush experience unique and personal. Their website also highlights the company’s transparency, featuring “How It’s Made” videos, full lists of ingredients, and facts about the natural ingredients they use. (Did you know citrus works as the perfect morning mental boost? That’s why they add it to their shower gel.)

Perfect Timing

Lush always offers a special item or two to suit the season. With Easter right around corner, treat the Funny Bunny in your life with an adorable bath gift basket ($48.95), which includes Lush’s Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb. Not feeling festive? Their vegan Stepping Stone foot scrub ($4.50) is the perfect way to prep your pieds for sandal season.