SHOP TALK: Tivoli Florist
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Tivoli Florist

An elegant oasis for all who crave a little leafiness in their life — and who doesn’t? This local florist carries potted plants, home décor items, and, of course, cut flowers. With attentive staff and a wide variety of flora to choose from, Tivoli is a great spot to pick up a centrepiece for your Thanksgiving table. Owner Michael Corbeil suggest calling ahead with all the details (table size and shape, setting colours, etc.). The Tivoli team will then create a fitting autumnal display. Fancy a pumpkin on your dining table? Relatives squabbling over flowers vs. fruit? Tivoli brings it all together, incorporating dahlias, orchids, berries, even miniature eggplants, into a bountiful harvest centrepiece.

The Look: The Secret Garden (but less overgrown)

Perfect for: impressing the in-laws

USP: staff that know their plants and aren’t afraid to make suggestions

282 Richmond Rd.; 18 Clarence St.;