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SHOP TALK: Visit Victoire for modern, vintage-inspired wedding dresses from Birds of North America


Earlier this year, Victoire hosted a bridal event showcasing local wedding sources as well as the Birds of North America bridal collection. Fittings can be arranged at the Wellington location of Victoire

In the April issue of Ottawa Magazine, we look at how we’ve celebrated milestones from past to present. And while weddings will forever be regarded as the bride’s big day, wedding styles and traditions have gone through many transformations over the years. Lately, we’ve witnessed a shift from the grandiose weddings to more personal and intimate affairs that prove to be just as enchanting.

At Victoire Boutique, owners Katie Frappier and Regine Paquette have seen an influx of brides who’ve gone a little simpler in their wedding planning but put a lot of care in adding more unique and heartfelt touches to their special day. Earlier this year, Victoire hosted A Modern Wedding Event for the vintage-loving brides with the collaboration of talented local businesses Auntie Loo’s Treats, Sparrow Floral Design, and Heart Deco Jewellery.

The event also marked the unveiling of the first bridal collection by Birds of North America, a Canadian design label that’s been a favourite to Victoire customers. Knee length cuts, bows, and the 1950/60’s aesthetics work beautifully in this collection for the bride who wants something old, something new.

The Birds of North America bridal line features knee-length dresses in simple silhouettes
The Birds of North America bridal line features knee-length dresses in simple silhouettes


Here, OTTAWA MAGAZINE talks to Birds of North America designer Hayley Gibson about the details behind her new bridal collection.

Ottawa Mag: This is your first bridal collection for Birds of North America. What led you to design for brides-to-be?
Hayley Gibson: We so often received inquiries about bridal dresses from the women who buy our regular season collections and I got tired of disappointing them!

OM: Describe the kind of bride who would wear one of your dresses.
The bride who would wear a dress from our bridal collection would be one who appreciates a modern take on vintage styles and wants a look of simple, feminine elegance.

Bows — and pockets! — are highlights of the Birds of North America bridal collection.
Bows — and pockets! — are highlights of the Birds of North America bridal collection.

OM: From where did you draw inspiration for this collection?
I based the bridal designs on cuts form our past collections, but changed some elements to make them original.  As with our regular collection, the bridal collection has a vintage feeling to it.  I am always inspired by the 1950’s fit and flare silhouette and I love a classic 60’s mini shift dress.  There were a few styles in particular that the brides who had approached us were most interested in, so I took that into consideration as well.

OM: What design elements and details did you incorporate?
It sounds funny, but I think the biggest thing that brides will appreciate about these dresses, aside from the flattering fit, is the pockets!  It’s still a rare thing to find on a bridal dress, and such a useful feature!  Another great thing about these styles is that they are all made in washable, easy care fabrics, and they can be worn as regular summer dresses after the event with no modification whatsoever.

OM: Who would you love to dress on their big day?
I try to ignore celebrity culture as much as possible.  I make dresses for women like me and I most love seeing our regular customers wearing and enjoying them.  I would be happiest to know that a woman who has purchased and enjoyed our regular seasonal collections over the years has put her confidence in Birds for her wedding dress.  I really hope this collection will give an easy, Canadian made and affordable alternative to brides who know and love Birds already!

Fittings are by appointment only. Price starts at $350. Size 2-16 available.

Available at Victoire’s Wellington West location – 1282 B Wellington St W