SHOP TALK: Visit your cobbler for winter protection products — and Palladium boots!
Shop Talk

SHOP TALK: Visit your cobbler for winter protection products — and Palladium boots!

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

Winter in Ottawa is unavoidable. This week we saw snow, ice, and slush competing for our curses. This means digging out your big, warm boots for the trudge outside — and remembering to bring along your presentable pair for use inside. You want to keep a few pairs nice, but inevitably the slush-salt soup on our roadsides will wreak havoc on all footwear, leaving you dreaming of warmer climates.

Which is why now (or maybe last week, but no matter) is a great time to visit your local cobbler. We talked to the pros at Moneysworth & Best for tips on how to keep your winter boots stylish and comfortable through the wet months.

Could rubber overshoes be the next hipster must-have? In any case, these City Classics from Moneysworth & Best will certainly keep your shoes shining.
  • Pro-Tex Protector works on all genuine or man-made leathers, suede and fabrics. Use it year round and especially before the winter weather hits to help prevent cracking, fading, discolouration, and premature aging. It may sound like the latest face serum, but this stuff also helps repel water, soil, and stains.
  • Rubber overshoes aren’t the prettiest things to wear but they are 100% waterproof to help prevent damage from all elements: rain, mud, snow, and salt. If you want your shoes to last, you may have to bite the bullet and opt for a pair of City Classics. M&B’s version are made of high stretch natural rubber to easily get them on and off and are lightweight but tough and durable enough to make it through the winter. The thing that I like best is that they have extra traction for slippery surfaces and they come in a variety of colours. (Maybe they will be the next ironic hipster must-have? They are certainly old-school and would match the moustache …)
  • To help keep your boots in good form while not in use, M&B’s boot shapers keep your boots upright and in their original form. No more floppy boots taking over your front foyer!
  •  Or opt for the complete shoe care kit, which includes shoe shine, polishing cloth, shoe horn, and bag.

    Palladium boots are versatile, tough, and pretty cute! Max's carries wool-lined styles, so they should keep your warm too.
While we’re catching up with our local cobblers, have you heard that Max’s on Wellington is now carrying shoes and boots? And not just any old shoes. Their retail department, which began in earnest this spring, is carefully chosen to offer something unique. We heard about the expansion when we started spotting Palladium boots around town. Miz Mooz is the big seller for women, while Snipe and No Brand of Portugal are bringing in the boys. Visit Max’s at 1264 Wellington and see more pics on their Facebook page.
So maybe you can’t kick winter to the curb… at least you can step up that curb in style!