THE INSIDER: Sarah Fischer and other flower fans on BULB, the new artist market at Tulip Fest
Shop Talk

THE INSIDER: Sarah Fischer and other flower fans on BULB, the new artist market at Tulip Fest

Shop Talk is written by OM senior editor Dayanti Karunaratne and Sarah Fischer, OM account executive and fashion maven.

Keen SHOP TALK readers who also frequent craft fairs might already be hip to the fact that ST’s own Sarah Fischer is the force behind Sarah’s Card Company, a small gift card business featuring original nature-inspired photography. This week, Sarah brings her unique insight as a craft-show-hopping entrepreneur to the discussion as we get to know the Tulip Festival‘s new initiative BULB.

Tulips galore! Sarah's Card Company sells cards featuring her own nature-inspired photography.

The Big Urban Living Boutique will showcase over twenty artists, ranging from fashion designers to photographers, soap makers to jewellers. Taking place over two Saturdays (May 4 and 11), Sarah notes that BULB’s location at City Hall (aka Tulip Plaza) guarantees a solid stream of shoppers.

“Plus, it’s always nice when new events pop up in the city, especially ones that are a part of such a historical Ottawa festival like the annual Tulip Festival. It is such a great fit for Sarah’s Card Company and a great way for Ottawans and visitors to our beautiful city to take a part of the festival home with them.”

~ Sarah Fischer, Sarah’s Card Company

Linda Hamilton studies tulips closely in order to create her paper reproductions.
Sarah hooked us up with her BULB contact, who shared the vendor list with us; as we perused the list we realized that many artists brought a love of nature (often flowers, specifically) to their work. We surveyed a few of our favourites about what drew them to BULB, and what visitors can expect to find at their stall.

“I always love the tulip festival, and I thought it would be a great fit with my paper flowers. I have been painting with watercolours for years and recently my paintings have become more and more three dimensional. I started making giant paper flowers a few years ago and really enjoyed the process of looking at flowers in minute detail and trying to figure out how to reproduce them exactly.”

~ Linda Hamilton, Daydream Flowers

“Many of my jewellery pieces are inspired by nature because being outdoors makes me happy! I am so honoured as a Canadian and so lucky to not only live here in scenic Ottawa but to also have the opportunity to participate in a National Festival.”

~ Marianna Palazzolo, Castellammare Designs

Castellammare earrings made of lucite and glass beads.
Supayana separates are perfect for tip-toeing through the tulips. Photo by Manon Parent











And while they are not tulips, we simply love the flower prints in Supayana’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Turns out, Yana Gorbulsky is an avid gardener, and her appearance at BULB will also be her first trip to the Tulip Festival. We think this outfit is perfect for strolling the city and taking in the tulips!