‘TIS THE SEASON: New, hot, and happening triathlon gear

‘TIS THE SEASON: New, hot, and happening triathlon gear

This lightweight carbon wheel is handmade here in Ottawa. Elite racers swear by it — last season alone, over 100 top-place finishers used Rhus wheels. $999 per pair. Euro-Sports, 13 Bullman St., www.euro-sports.ca.

These snazzy sneaks don’t just look good — they’re engineered to promote a natural running gait. The Newton Distance also includes environmentally friendly features: the laces and webbing are made from recycled materials. $154. Euro-Sports, 13 Bullman St., www.euro-sports.ca.

This tank is great for layering. With a shelf bra and mesh lining for support, the Reflection Tank comes in four striking colours to let the competition (and your fans on the sidelines) see you coming. $26. MEC, 366 Richmond Rd., www.mec.ca.

Perfect for summer days, these Vivace cycling gloves offer protection from the elements and prevent nerve damage. Breathable and bright, they feature patches for dabbing sweat during long workouts. $25. MEC, 366 Richmond Rd., www.mec.ca.

Cervelo’s new triathlon bike combines great features and a lightweight frame. From zero-drag aerobars to hydraulic brakes to drink storage systems, this ride is for the athlete ready to take their race to the next level. From $6,500. Cyclelogik, 1111A Wellington St. W.,  www.cyclelogik.com.

After the swim, make the transition to the bike easy (and fast) with the RXL Hilo from Bontrager. The quick entry pull-on loop and large top strap mean instead of fussing over details, you’ll be leaving the competition in the dust. $180. Bushtukah, 203 Richmond Rd., www.bushtukah.com.

Prefer a shorter tri suit or a full wetsuit? Both have advantages — the Zoot suit ($119) works for all three sports, meaning less time is spent changing attire, while the TYR Hurricane suit ($385) offers bouyancy and speed. (Just make sure to check race rules, as not all events allow wetsuits.) Bushtukah, 203 Richmond Rd., www.bushtukah.com.

This shopping feature appears in the May print edition as part of a six-page triathlon primer. To read the full guide to to triathlons in Ottawa, pick up the print edition on newsstands.