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SOUND SEEKERS: Andrew McPherson expands on the creation of the latest Eccodek album Singing In Tongues

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(Photo: Karolina Kuras)

Guelph musician and producer Andrew McPherson has spearheaded the fusion band Eccodek for more than a decade. He takes global sounds and tweaks them for the clubs, adding an electronic dimension to wailin’ groovy tracks that bring to mind Bill Laswell, among others. His newest album is called Singing in Tongues. You can grab a free song download for a limited time here. Sound Seekers caught up with McPherson to talk about the new album, which focuses on the work of Jah Youssouf.

Sound Seekers: Explain your new album Singing in Tongues.
Andrew McPherson
: It’s a cool story. A local music legend named Lewis Melville had done the original off-the-floor sessions with Jah in Guelph back in 2009, I believe. Nothing was ever done with the recordings and Lewis just kept saying to me, “Listen man, I’ve got these great elements that would totally be great for the Eccodek zone. Do you wanna check ’em out?”