City Bites

CAFETERIA CONFIDENTIAL: U of O scores the first Première Moisson bakery outside of Quebec; it opens in the new Social Sciences Building on Oct. 22

An artist's rendering of the inside of UofOttawa's new Première Moisson bakery

Tim Hortons. Quiznos. Starbucks. These types of large corporate fast-food brands dominate most campuses and limit food options for university students and staff. I have often wondered why it has to be that way.

Why does the food that’s going to be gobbled up between lectures have to be the same as the stuff at the shopping mall, the airport, or the restaurant at the side of the highway? Why can’t there be something good, tasty, and nourishing to eat?

University of Ottawa has already demonstrated a slightly more enlightened view on the matter by allowing two creative food trucks — Stone Soup Foodworks and Relish — to have designated spots on campus. Next week, the institution will take another step forward by opening up a Première Moisson, Quebec’s leading artisanal bakery, in its brand-new Social Sciences Building.