Artful Musing

ARTFUL BLOGGER: Becky Mason brings grace and drive to new canoeing DVD

By Paul Gessell

Becky Mason demonstrates solo canoeing skills. Photo by Reid McLachlan

Is there anything more Canadian than a canoe?

Think back: Canoes were the favoured means of transport long before Europeans arrived here. Pauline Johnson’s The Song My Paddle Sings was once the best-known poem in the country. And, of course, there is Pierre Berton’s old saw: A Canadian is someone who can make love in a canoe.

Well, I have not asked Becky Mason what romantic entanglements have occurred in her canoe. But I can tell you she can make her canoe dance, spin, and swoop across the water with all the grace and drive of a ballerina or a figure-skater. (more…)