MY LOOK: Talking street style with fashion lover Carolynn Lacasse

MY LOOK: Talking street style with fashion lover Carolynn Lacasse

By Erica Wark

Carolynn Lacasse is wearing a shirt from Zara, skirt from JCrew, and shoes from Zara. Her watch is from Michael Kors, and the bracelets are from Osolee and JCrew. Accessories include a belt from Michael Kors and a bag from Zara. Photography by Miv Fournier.

You’re one of only two females at Swix (a social media analytics firm), and on top of that, your style is — as celebrity-stylist-turned-fashion-designer Rachel Zoe would say — bah-nanas! How did that happen?

Well, I’m a total fashion lover and grew up working in retail. But I graduated with a business degree and a minor in marketing, so when the opportunity arose at Swix, it was a good fit. My first week, I wore super-feminine skirts and dresses, and the guys were like, “Why are you dressed like you’re headed to the prom?” but now I’m like a little sister. It’s a really fun place to work.

How would you describe your style?

During university, I had the opportunity to study in France. The street style was amazing — Parisian style is unlike any other. Passing by gorgeous boutiques and women, I was inspired by how they put looks together. I like to wear masculine pieces — say, a trouser pant or fitted blazer — and fill it in with feminine details.