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CHEF SHUFFLE: New chefs in top spots at Hintonburg Public House, The Urban Element and the soon-to-open gezellig

On the move: The chefs are getting restless and Shawna Wagman has the latest on who's going where.

First we heard from Summer Baird, owner of Hintonburg Public House, that Kris Kshonze, her head chef, was leaving. He has decided to stay home with his new baby — trading in a life in the service of hipsters for one in the service of diapers.

Then, we heard that Anna March, Mariposa’s former chef, was returning to the kitchen this fall after her maternity leave to join The Urban Element where she is now the head cooking class instructor as well as leading the culinary team for in-house corporate and private events. (She replaces Candice Butler who left a few months ago to take over the food program at Elmwood School.) We have since put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize that March and Kshonze are in fact a couple. Their son’s name is Henry.

Now Baird has confirmed that Mark Currier, currently resident chef at Mariposa Farm, will replace Kshonze at the end of October. It’s a reunion for Currier and Baird, who worked together in the kitchen at The Urban Pear about seven years ago when Baird was chef and co-owner and Currier was her sous-chef. So far, there is no news about who will replace Currier at Mariposa.