THE LIST: Margo MacDonald

THE LIST: Margo MacDonald

Ten things theatre powerhouse Margo MacDonald can’t live without.

Margo MacDonald
Photography by Rémi Thériault

Margo MacDonald is a powerhouse on the playbill, her name appearing as a writer here, an actress there. Always ahead of the curve, she started Company of Fools in 1990 and has since appeared onstage with Odyssey Theatre, Third Wall Theatre, and The Great Canadian Theatre Company. In January, her play Shadows, which won Best of Fest and Fan Favourite at the 2010 Ottawa Fringe Festival, will be staged anew. Based on a true story of sexuality and the stage in 1930s New York, Shadows opens the undercurrents festival at the GCTC.

1 Tea

I’m particularly addicted to Wittard black tea with vanilla. I first tasted it when I was studying in England, and now whenever I know someone who is going to the U.K., I make them bring me back some. But, really, any tea is essential in my day.