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SOUND SEEKERS: Dann Oickle releases video for The Bed off new album Blitzkrieg

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Danniel Oickle at home. Photos by Bonnie Findley.
Danniel Oickle at home. Photos by Bonnie Findley.

New Video
Pop artist Dann Oickle (formerly of Ottawa, now domiciled in Montreal), released his new album Blitzkrieg earlier this year. It’s a reflection on the idea of love as an act of war from tiny inequities to fallings out to near-fatal attractions, as we wrote in a previous Sound Seekers post.

Oickle is a performer who loves imagery. He organizes his live shows with Bowie-esque ambition for make-up and moves. His gigs are prefaced by what feels like a well-executed marketing plan, replete with vivid visuals that stand out in our image-saturated culture.

Continuing in that vein, Oickle hopes to release a video for each track of his new album. The first is for  “The Bed,” an audience favourite from the album.

“People liked the Madonna/Prince vibe of it, and the pulsing sexuality,” Oickle says. “It was also noted that this song maintained an erotic vibe and yet never crossed over to the crass or perverse.”

He brought that sensual, couth vibe to the video setting, which takes place in the hotel room of a landed sailor (played by Oickle) and two call girls (played by Olexandra Pruchnicky and Rebecca Noelle of The Peptides). (more…)