A KITCHEN WE LOVE: Sunny redesign combines art + function

A KITCHEN WE LOVE: Sunny redesign combines art + function

This post is an excerpt from an article that originally appeared in Ottawa Magazine Interiors 2014

Photography by Gordon King

Photo by Gordon King
The homeowner, a geologist by training, chose a granite countertop with a dynamic pattern. Photo by Gordon King

When Paul Denys was called in to consult with Barbara Steele of Place ID on this project, he was met with a somewhat tired kitchen that hailed from the 1980s. Housed in an addition to a 100-year-old home, the room had been closed off from the rest of the house before walls were removed in the 1990s to open up the space. But even as part of the main house, the kitchen, which had just one 2-by-3-foot window over the sink, seemed dreary.

The owner of Denys Builds Designs worked with Steele to design a brighter space, proposing a pantry that would emit light throughout the day courtesy of innovative Solatube lights. In this modest space, the pantry is ingeniously designed, with synchronized sliding pocket doors (slide one, and the other automatically glides open at the same time) and row upon row of shelving. Those stained-glass doors act as an art piece while, at the same time, concealing any clutter and allowing light to flow through to the main room.

Another efficient element is the recessed shelf housed in the bank of cabinets beside the island. Not only does it boast electrical outlets, but the white shelf slides out to allow the owners to work in the open. The rich bookmatched black walnut cabinetry was paired with granite counters, the dynamic pattern chosen by the homeowner, a geologist by training. It all makes for a kitchen that radiates both warmth and whimsy.

Black walnut cabinetry houses appliances. Photo by Gordon King

The Details
Design: Barbara Steele of Place Id and Paul Denys of Denys Builds Designs
Contractor: Paul Denys of Denys Builds Designs
Appliances: Dishwasher, refrigerator, oven all by Miele
Cabinetry: Bookmatched black walnut
by John and Mike McKinlay-Key of
The Woodturner Inc.
Cooktop: Induction, Miele
Counters: Alpinus granite, The Granite Shop
Faucet: Satin Nickel, Kindred KFPOS150 tap set from Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen
Flooring: Barwood Flooring
Glass doors: Black walnut custom frame by The Woodturner; stained glass by SGO Designer Glass
Hood: Europa series from Zephyr
Sink: Kindred KCS33/10-10A sink, from Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen
Solar tubes: Solatube, from Cardy Vacuum
Windows: “Designer Series” by Pella

All photos by Gordon King