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ARTFUL BLOGGER: Artist Diane Woodward serves Ukrainian Easter eggs at Urban Pear restaurant


Artist Diane Woodward showcases Ukrainian Easter eggs at Urban Pear restaurant in the Glebe

Ukraine is definitely in the news these days. And Easter is just a few weeks away. So, an exhibition of paintings of Ukrainian Easter eggs is most timely.

Such an exhibition can be seen at the Glebe restaurant Urban Pear. The artist is Diane Woodward, whose obsession with bright colours and bold patterns is legendary, not just in her art, but in her Technicolour clothing and unorthodox taste in home decorating.

Woodward used to be a regular fixture in the Ottawa art scene. Then she moved to Madoc, where her home – an art project itself — became a tourist site because of all the wild colours not usually seen outside a movie version of Alice in Wonderland.