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ARTFUL BLOGGER: Super-sized bunny alert! What to look for at the Enriched Bread Artist’s annual open house

Watch out for the super-sized bunny at the annual open house at the Enriched Bread Artists collective. It is that time of the year again for members of the public to take the pulse of Ottawa’s art community by attending the open house, beginning Thursday evening (Oct. 24), at the Enriched Bread Artists studios on Gladstone Avenue.

The two dozen artists’ studios welcoming visitors this fall are a good cross-section of the various art practices around the city. They vary from video-art by Rachel Kalpana James, to the horribly-beautiful sculptures Joyce Westrup has constructed from exploded tires to the slightly disturbing paintings of a super-sized Freudian bunny by Jeannie Polisuk. In other words, there is something for everyone, regardless of your artistic inclinations.

Some of the artists allowed me a sneak peek before Thursday’s open house. I was particularly keen to see the studio of painter Tavi Weisz, who is preparing for a large solo show in December at the new Karsh-Masson Gallery at City Hall.

Paul Gessell is intrigued by Tavi Weisz’s dramatic paintings of tormented-looking figures caught in often violent situations. This piece is entitled “Catch It Before It Gets Out of Control.”