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SOUND SEEKERS: Synth-Tastic! Key club night for fans of post-wave

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Eric Mulligan, aka DJ Reverie. Photo by onsendesigns.

Hippie-haven coffee shop The Daily Grind on Somerset West gets a jolt Friday. That’s when DJs for Synthesis, a new club night emphasizing synthesizer-based music, push the chairs aside and create a dance floor for fans of Diamond Rings, Austra, Chicks on Speed, and the establishers such as New Order and Depeche Mode.

That’s just a slice of the playlist, says Eric Mulligan, or DJ Reverie. He started the club night in May. It happens on the second Friday of every month and takes a page from his previous club-party incarnations such as the industrial-New Wave pumping Le Danse Macabre (Joy Division, KMFDM, Pop Will Eat Itself) and before that, his musical career in the city’s niche metal and goth scene, with its focus on dark, haunting beats.

With Synthesis, Mulligan is combining all of his musical loves into one slamming playlist (see past ones here), and at the same time addressing contemporary tastes. (more…)