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THE ARTFUL BLOGGER: Seeing the world through the lens of childhood at Exposure Gallery

Eye Level at Exposure Gallery showcases photographs taken by children 10 and under. From left: "Cat" by Ada Novos, "Halloween" by Stuart Campbell, and "Pug" by Charlotte Watkins.

By Paul Gessell

So, what really fascinates your kids? How exactly do they see the world?

For some insight into the world inhabited by children, visit Eye Level, a new exhibition at Exposure Gallery of photographs taken by kids aged 10 and under.

Judging by the prints on the wall, food holds a great deal of interest. So do pets and shadows and bright colours. The perspectives are often unique, uncluttered by the aesthetic biases of adults who feel compelled to reproduce the style and content of professional photographers. Kids simply shoot what interests them. (more…)