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WEEKLY LUNCH PICK: Pizza e Panini anchors a new food truck lot in Westboro with its wicked wood-burning oven and Illy espresso machine

The proscuitto pizza with arugula cooks in under a minute in a blistering wood-fired oven

By Shawna Wagman

Living in a city with bona fide food truck culture is something we’re all still getting used to. Writing this post, I realized my vocabulary has some catching up to do when it comes to food truck terminology. I had to turn to the twitterverse to find out what it’s called when several food trucks get together and share a parking lot. I felt better that there was no real consensus.

I received the following answers:

  • Food truck round-up
  • Food truck lot
  • Food truck court
  • In Portland they use the term Pod
  • In San Francisco, a travelling food court of food trucks is called “The Grid”

Whatever you call it, Ottawa’s got one. In the parking lot that was once Nick’s Service Centre at 236 Richmond Rd., there are now three food trucks — Pizza e Panini, as well as Relish and Artie’s chips.