Artful Musing

EXHIBITION LAUNCH: Belgium’s Gert Jochems reveals the banality of sex at La Petite Mort Gallery

Photo by Gert Jochems. By Paul Gessell

Widespread contemporary pornography has conditioned us to think that people having sex possess stereotypically perfect bodies, whether those bodies are enjoying the prim heterosexual missionary position or something far more elaborate with ropes, harnesses, and an audience.

Beer bellies, sagging breasts, and wrinkled faces just don’t seem to exist in the world of pornography, except to pleasure the odd connoisseur with a fetish for such physical characteristics.

In truth, people who do not have perfect bodies and (surprise, surprise) may look remarkably like your neighbours or even your aging parents, do indulge in all categories of the sexual arts. For proof, visit La Petite Mort Gallery and view an exhibition of photographs by Belgium’s Gert Jochems. (more…)