SOUND SEEKERS: Goodluck Assembly heads back to Hipsterville
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SOUND SEEKERS: Goodluck Assembly heads back to Hipsterville

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The Goodluck Assembly
The Goodluck Assembly plays with Laurent Bourque at Shenkman Arts Centre on Friday, Feb. 7.

Ottawa band to record again with famed Brooklyn duo
The Goodluck Assembly are due back in Brooklyn later this year. The Ottawa four-piece, fronted by brothers Bruce and Mike Libbos, recorded its last EP, Demonstrations, in Williamsburg with Gus Van Go and Werner F (The Stills, Hollerado, Priestess). The producers gave the album a sense of continuity and emotional force, without making it overly glossy. The songs on the album are radio-ready and show a nice progression from the band’s early days, when it was known as Sojourn. That’s when they started perfecting their master mix of jangly guitar rock set to the Libbos brothers’ affecting wail.

The band is in the midst of writing a new album before their New York recording sessions start in the fall. Goodluck Assembly fans can get a sense of some early musings in this video. It’s a lo-fi mobile capture of Bruce Libbos at the piano hammering out a new tune. You might hear that tune, along with past Goodluck material, on MTV shows in the near future. The band just signed a deal with Toronto’s Bearsuit Publishing to licence their songs. It’s the start of a nice 2014 for the members of the group who also recently got the rubber stamp on a $10,000 FACTOR grant for the new album.

The Goodluck Assembly. With Laurent Bourque. Friday, Feb. 7. 8:30 p.m. Shenkman Arts Centre. $15. Details here.