ARTFUL BLOGGER: Subtle bathroom humour
Artful Musing

ARTFUL BLOGGER: Subtle bathroom humour

By Paul Gessell

Gulliver 2 by Zachari Logan.

French artist Marcel Duchamp revolutionized the artworld in 1917 by signing a white men’s urinal, naming it Fountain and declaring it a work of art.

So revolutionary was Duchamp and his theories about “ready-made” art that, in 2004, a poll of 500 art experts named Fountain the most influential modern art work of all time.

With those thoughts in mind, visit the latest exhibition at La Petite Mort, the dare-to-be-different gallery in the ByWard Market. The multi-media, multi-artist show Golden is all about pee. Yes, you read that right. This show is all about pee. Duchamp would approve. (more…)