ANNE’S PICKS: Anne DesBrisay beats the cold with Mia’s dal shorba
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ANNE’S PICKS: Anne DesBrisay beats the cold with Mia’s dal shorba

Cold beater: Anne DesBrisay says Mia's yellow lentil soup has what it takes to warm you when the temperature hits the double-digit minuses — it should be called "Thirty Below Soup"

Hats, mitts, scarves, long johns… critical to be sure, but don’t discount the power of lentils, cumin, coriander and chillies for taking on the kind of frostiness we had last week.

Yes, indeed, Dal Shorba should be part of your winter arsenal. Perfumed with ginger, garlic, and the “super spice” turmeric, the yellow lentil soup is brightened with lemon and greened with cilantro. It has what it takes to be called Thirty Below Soup.

My new favourite dal shorba is found at Mia. Located on the north side of Richmond Road just east of Woodroffe, the Indian restaurant makes the best use I’ve yet found of a departed KFC.

In the kitchen is Samsu Mia, and on the floor, his son Mostofa.

Mia, a former chef at the Bangladeshi High Commission, made headlines in 2003 when he sought sanctuary in the First Unitarian Church. Eighteen months later, after being granted ministerial assurance that he would not be deported, Mia left the church and found work in area restaurants. In 2012 he opened Mia’s Indian Cuisine in a renovated Kentucky Fried Chicken together with Mostofa — a graduate of Algonquin College’s hospitality program.

They make a good team, and a mighty warming soup.

Cost: $3.95.

Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and daily for dinner 

Mia, 917 Richmond Rd., 613-695-3333.