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SOUND SEEKERS: John Allaire and the Confederation bring strings and sticks and other skills to Irene’s Pub

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Songwriter John Allaire put on his photo-hacking hat and did this stitch job for me. It’s a pasted-together pic of some band mates he’s corralled for a weekend gig. It was a quick-and-dirty deal (the photo, not the band-herding, natch). We here at Ottawa Magazine needed a photo to run with this column and the task of rounding up musicians rarely squares well with tight web deadlines.

Four players and one twirler. (That’s a drumstick. He’s not flipping you the bird). Photo by John Allaire

This banner image is a poor replacement for the real thing; it lacks all of the characteristics of a live setting: the vibrancy and sizzle that boils over when those with six strings and salty humour gather for a show.

That’s set for this Friday at Irene’s with Allaire at centre stage with a band of O-town all-stars. The band is called The Confederation and comprises Anders Drerup, Lynne Hanson, Kevin “Breeze” Smith, and Dean Watson.

Here’s a primer, from Allaire, on his band The Confederation: (more…)