WEEKLY LUNCH PICK: A decadent boxed lunch from Juniper
DesBrisay Dines

WEEKLY LUNCH PICK: A decadent boxed lunch from Juniper

The chefs at Juniper generally offer three sandwich choices for the Take Out Lunch, along with a side salad and dessert

By Anne DesBrisay

I began with dessert. No one was looking — it was just me, at my desk, alone with my Juniper Take Out Lunch, in a mood to be naughty.

Nestled in one of the three burrows of a black take out container, was a small square of very black chocolate cake. Its cocoa pedigree was instantly obvious, as was a measured bit of bitterness from the glug of Beau’s Lug Tread that moistened it. It glistened with a drizzle of a boozy buttery caramel sauce. Not much more than four forkfuls this wedge, but they were delightful, and easily the most memorable bit of my picnic lunch.

Then I ate the salad to cleanse the palate, before tucking into the sandwich. Pictured here still in its box, the guts were grand. I had chosen the pulled beef and cheese. It was moist, flavour-rich meat, pulled off the rib, roofed with melted mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms, some greens, all yummy — but the bun wasn’t well judged.