MY LOOK: Talking personal style with dapper aspiring librarian Kevin Wollenschlager

Above left: Kevin is wearing a Hugo Boss blazer, a shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt, and a Brooks Brothers tie. His pocket square is from Polo by Ralph Lauren and the belt by Dockers Shoes. His pants are Hudson North and the shoes are Barker Black. Above right: Kevin is wearing a Hugo Boss blazer, a shirt by Tommy Hilfiger, and a Brooks Brothers bow-tie. His pocket square is from Gytha Mander MMIV. His pants are Dockers Watch, shoes are Nixon. Photography by Lindsay Ralph.

 Interview by Erica Wark

You’re the only 26-year-old aspiring librarian I’ve ever met. Why this line of work?
I have two degrees in French and history from Carleton University and have worked in libraries since I was 16 years old. It just seemed like the right fit, so I decided to get my master’s in Library and Information Studies.

What’s your dream job in the field?
I worked as a librarian with the federal government for a while and am now working as a page at the Greenboro District Library, which I love. I’d also like to work as a librarian at a university someday. I’ve always loved to learn, and I feel that would be a great environment to work in.

You truly have a dapper sense of style. Where does this creativity stem from?
My dad works for the city and wears suits every day, so I grew up knowing the importance of a well-executed suit. He says that I’m a lot like my grandmother (whom I never met). She had one arm slightly longer than the other — not in a weird, Oh my God way [laughs], but different enough that everything she owned had to be precisely tailored to her frame. My dad says I would’ve been spoiled with threads had she still been around.