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TASTE TEST: Two local writers join forces to create the cookbook Fresh & Healthy Cooking For Two

After being introduced in 2005, Ottawa authors Marilyn Booth and Ellie Topp began collaborating on a healthy cookbook that diligently follows Canada’s Food Guide. Besides finishing each other’s sentences and joking about taking ski trips together, what better a pairing than a professional food economist and a registered dietitian? Ottawa Magazine’s Vanessa Ortynsky sat down with the dynamic duo to talk about their cookbook Fresh & Healthy Cooking For Two and their upcoming book signing at Thyme & Again.

How did you two meet?
Ellie Topp: I had done a book for two, Savoury Wisdom (2003) with Suzanne Hendrix who is a dietitian. I asked Suzanne if she’d like to do another book, but she was working on other projects at the time.

Marilyn Booth: I met with a dietitian friend of mine, Debra Reid, who asked me if I would be interested in working on a book with Ellie.

Ellie, you studied home economics and food science. And Marilyn, your background is in physical education and nutrition. Tell me how this impacts your partnership.
Marilyn: Ellie is responsible for writing all the recipes and making sure they taste good and have enough flavour.

Ellie: Then Marilyn would come back and say “There’s too much salt,” and analyze [each recipe] for sodium and fat. We’ve set pretty tight guidelines. (more…)