SOUND SEEKERS: Push Play for Party
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SOUND SEEKERS: Push Play for Party

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Photo cutline: Ouimet and Pedersen Take Time Out to Twerk; a studio session
Ouimet and Pedersen: a studio session

Recently, musician Matt Ouimet sent a note around looking for shares, retweets and the like. It was for a new project he’s calling The Party Band.

The email told a story of a time last summer when Ouimet and his pal Craig Pedersen got together to do some beer drinking. It was a rather efficient session. After two hours, the duo had knocked down a few dead soldiers and written some 22 hits.

Later on, with some sober second thought, Ouimet and Pedersen took another listen to the tracks. They did some arranging and weeding out, and then asked around for a few extra musicians to play on the recording of what would become The Party Band album.

“We embarked on making a record the exact wrong way you should,” Ouimet wrote. “By inviting our friends to mail their parts recorded at home — or visit one at a time in the studio, while only referencing some very basic follow tracks.” Meaning, once they arrived at the studio (or started recording at home in the bathroom-as-sound-studio), players were playing as they thought they should, without hearing themselves in context of a full band.

Once he had all the musical pieces together, Ouimet mixed, massaged, and mastered the project and posted it online here.

Have a click on the Bandcamp link and let the thing stream. What you’ll hear is some noodling that works its way up to a master jam track by track.

It’s not just any ole beer-drinking, male-bonding, ritual-happy, accident project. The album started as a fun idea and was helped along by a long list of Ouimet’s and Pedersen’s pals who happen to be “Local Musical Heroes,” as Ouimet put it — with the capital L-M-H.

Herewith, the list of LMH contributors to the new party band album:

  • Craig Pedersen (trumpet, vocals)
  • Matt Ouimet (drums, bass, guitar, keys, percussion)
  • Tyler Harris (sax)
  • Detonator, feat. Ryan Purchase and Mike Schultz (trombone)
  • Phil Shaw Bova (drums)
  • Metronome & the Time feat. Dave Dudley, Matt Godin and Ouimet (percussion)
  • Jeremy Fisher (tambourine)
  • Stuart Watkins (bass)
  • Phil Victor Bova (bass)
  • Blake Jacobs (guitar)
  • Pat Lawler (guitar)
  • Wayne Eagles (guitar)
  • John Higney (guitar)
  • Don Cummings (organ)
  • Steve Boudreau (keys)
  • Renee Yoxon (vocals)
  • Sherri MacLeod (vocals)

Given the logistical nightmare of wrangling a dozen or so musicians together, (herding cats etc., etc.) The Party Band doesn’t plan a live show. This one is a click-and-party type thing.

Ouimet and Pedersen take time out to twerk
Ouimet and Pedersen take time out to twerk