MY LOOK: Dancer and choreographer Natalie Gelman

MY LOOK: Dancer and choreographer Natalie Gelman

This feature appears in Ottawa Magazine’s April 2014 issue. Click here to subscribe to the print or digital versions.


Natalie Gelman makes her own costumes, which are influenced by world music, both contemporary and traditional (Photo: Lucyna Bakowska)

For the past 10 years, you’ve been a dance instructor, choreographer, and performer in Ottawa, fusing an urban dance style with global dances. How did your interest in dance first come about?
Born and raised in Ottawa, I went to college in Toronto, and one night I heard drums coming from my basement and I discovered an African dance class being held in my building. For the first time, I got to explore the fusion of masculine and feminine energy — the athleticism and sensuality that is African dance. Prior to that, I had been exposed to drum circles, breakdancing, and belly dancing.