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THE ARTFUL BLOGGER: Sneak peek! How Quebec’s Revolution Sexuelle will infiltrate Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche

By Paul Gessell

This mischievous image of Thauvette’s work will appear in her Festival X-Nuit Blanche exhibition. The beauties pictured are all saucy shots of Thauvette. By Genevieve Thauvette.

Back in 2008 when I first met Ottawa artist Genevieve Thauvette, I wrote a column naming her as the most interesting discovery of the year, based largely on her debut exhibition of photographic self-portraits at the Dale Smith Gallery.

Thauvette was soon making headlines by winning a gold medal for artistic photography at the cultural competition at The Francophone Games in Beirut and from her devilishly dark staged photos of The Dionne Quintuplets, with Thauvette simultaneously appearing as all five girls. Prints from that series can be found in some of the best art collections in the area, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Then Thauvette moved to Toronto and dropped out of sight. So did Dale Smith Gallery. So Gallery St-Laurent+Hill corralled Thauvette and became her dealer. Her first show there is called Les Filles du Roy and is set to run Sept. 18 t0 26, overlapping with both the citywide photography extravaganza Festival X and the city’s first ever Nuit Blanche Sept. 22. (more…)