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101 TASTES ISSUE: Spotlight on #21 — Beyond the Pale Pink Fuzz

Ethereal, whimsical, daring, and just plain delicious — Ottawa Magazine’s summer ‘101 Tastes’ issue provides the ultimate must-try list for local gourmands. Try all 101. Available on newsstands throughout June, July, and August, or order online.




#21. Beyond the Pale Pink Fuzz 
We love that this pale-rose-coloured beer pairs perfectly with salads and sandwiches rather than nachos and wings. Its fruity, citrusy flavour is subtle enough to steer clear of mimosa territory. Instead, the use of grapefruit juice, zest, and pulp at different stages of production gives it a refreshing mix of sweetness and mild astringency. $7/32 oz. Beyond the Pale, 5 Hamilton Ave. N., 613-695-2991. ~ Shawna Wagman

Photography by Marc Fowler / Metropolis Studio
Photography by Marc Fowler / Metropolis Studio