For the love of chip trucks
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For the love of chip trucks

The project is called Every Chip Stand, and the duo behind it are illustrators Chantal Bennett and Joel Kimmel. Based in Westport, Ont., the pair has a wide range of clients including The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Nike, and the Royal Canadian Mint. 

“Chip stands are a ubiquitous part of Canada; they dot the Ontario landscape and are at once everywhere, but often in the middle of nowhere,” says the pair on “Foodies will scoff, but they are a part of Canadian culinary history, serving up our national dish, poutine, in varying degrees of quality. There is no pretense. The chip stand is where down-to-earth, real Canadians go to indulge.”

Looking to add a bit of Canadiana to your decor? They also sell prints on Etsy.


B&B Chip Truck – Illustration by Chantal Bennett

B&B Chips – Ottawa 

B&B Chips is a chip truck parked on Cooper Street. We normally don’t include trucks or trailers unless there is something interesting about them, and we liked the wild colours on this chip truck.

Illustrations by Joel Kimmel

Retro Fries – Perth

Located at the crossroads of County Rd. 10 and Gore Street in Perth. This is a very attractive chip stand. We love the look!

Ottawa’s Ultimate Fries – Ottawa 

There’s no need to tell you where this chip truck is located — it’s printed right on the truck! It’s in Ottawa on Bank and Lisgar Streets. We don’t normally paint chip trucks, but this one has a special place in our hearts because it was around when Joel and Chantal met while working at Wallack’s Art Supplies way back in 2004.

Illustrations by Chantal Bennett

The Chip Pit – Cobden 

The Chip Pit is a new chip stand located on the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 17) in Cobden. It offers a view of Muskrat Lake. We’re glad this chip stand did not simply set up in a shiny food trailer (which are boring to draw) but rather built a quaint little cabin (which are fun to draw).

Wes’ Chips – Arnprior 

Wes’ Chips is located on Madawaska Blvd. in Arnprior. They have a reputation for making really tasty fries.


Illustrations by Chantal Bennett

Claude’s Chip Wagon – Ottawa 

Claude’s owner contacted us when he heard about our project and gave us a bit of history about his chip stand. Here’s what he had to say: “I started my first Chip Wagon on this location in 1992. We just celebrated our 27th year on June 24. My first truck was a 1978 Grumman stepvan and the 2 other are trailers that my uncle also built. During his 50 years in business, he was known in Ottawa as Le roi des patates (Potato King). There is a video with our chip wagon in it that was produced by Transcanadafryway. Prime Minister Trudeau visited us with his guest the Prime Minister of Belgium. We received a score of 5/5.”

Family Fry Shack – Renfrew 

Located on Stewart Street, in a parking lot outside on the outskirts of Renfrew. This place has milkshakes!